3 of the Best BBQ Restaurants in Portland

Some days you want your barbecue with your favorite local craft beer. Other days, you just want a casual atmosphere so you can focus on savoring that sweet and succulent BBQ taste. Well, it’s your lucky day, because we’re showcasing three Portland restaurants that are serving up your favorites and then some.


If You Love Texas-Style BBQ, then be sure to check out Podnah’s BBQ, where you’ll find smoked Texas-style meats and delicious sides. The atmosphere isn’t bad either. With wooden tables in a spacious setting, you’ll feel right at home.


If You’re Looking for Vegetarian Options, you might want to make reservations at Russell Street Bar-B-Que. Okay, we know that “vegetarian” and “barbecue” don’t exactly mesh that well, but hey, it’s nice to know that you have options, right?

If You Like Your Fried Chicken with a Side of Beer, then you’re going to love Reverend’s BBQ. In a modern space, you’ll be able to enjoy fried chicken, smoked meats, and a wide variety of local and craft beers.

Sharpen Your Grilling Skills With These BBQ Hacks

Union Courtyard

Image Source: LiveUnionPDX.com

Grilling doesn’t have to be difficult. Impress your friends and family at the next BBQ cookout by utilizing some of these unique BBQ hacks. It’s time to grab those oven mitts.


Bring out the Muffin Tray. You may not be baking muffins, but muffin trays work great for serving those condiments. From ketchup to tomatoes, place the condiments in a muffin tray and help make cleaning up a breeze.


Use Some Apple Juice. Besides being a delicious drink, apple juice has been known to be a great meat tenderizer. Not only will marinating your meat in apple juice keep your meat tender, but it will also help add a little bit of flavor.


Grab an Onion. Once you’ve preheated your grill, slice an onion in half, place it on a fork and use as a scrubber for the grilling rack. It’ll remove any built-up dirt and add some extra flavor to your food.


Be Smart about the Meat. When it comes to grilling, meat can easily dry out, so it’s best to flip as little as possible. Try not to press down on any meat while it’s on the grill in order to keep the juices in.